A time to learn about farm safety

Kids are being urged to get creative in the name of farm safety.

Kidsafe Victoria’s Farm Safety Creative Competition, which is run with the support of Agriculture Victoria’s Smarter, Safer Farms Program, is back for another year.

The competition provides an opportunity to engage children and their families in learning and discussions about farm safety.

Farms can be wonderful places for kids to play, but they can also be extremely hazardous.

There’s the danger of heavy machinery, dams, animals, quad bikes, and poisons.

In 2019-20 there were 394 Victorian children aged 0-14 years treated in hospital for farm injuries, according to statistics from the Victorian Injury Surveillance Unit.

Shockingly, data shows that kids in the state’s outer regional areas are four times more likely to die due to injury than city kids.

The Farm Safety Creative Competition is open to all Victorian children from 3 years of age to students in Year 6.

They are invited to draw on their creativity to design educational materials. This includes videos, posters, illustrated stories, collages, radio ads or inventions based on this year’s theme ‘Think Farm Safe, Be Farm Safe’.

There are great prizes for winning children, including toys and vouchers.

Entries close Friday, 5 November.

For more information, visit the competition page on the Kidsafe Victoria website.


• Active adult supervision is essential to help prevent childhood injuries on farms. It’s a good idea to have set supervisors so there is no confusion about who is watching the children.
• Create safe play areas away from hazards like dams, animals and machinery.
• Educate children from a young age about potential hazards and teach them clear rules and guidelines on a farm.
• Have age-appropriate jobs for children and restrict involvement in dangerous tasks.
• All families and farm workers should know correct first aid procedures to ensure no time is wasted in the event of an emergency.