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A time to learn about farm safety

Kids are being urged to get creative in the name of farm safety.

At home with leading theatre family

Simon Gleeson and Nat O’Donnell are considered Australian music theatre royalty and we are lucky enough to call them ‘Geelong-ites’.

Outlets for the Geelong Coast Kids Today Magazine

The following outlets will have FREE copies of the Winter 2021 Edition of the Geelong Coast Kids Today Magazine, while stocks last.

The little boy with a really big heart

Writing a book at the age of eight is an impressive feat. Deciding to donate profits from the sales of the book to a good...

WIN a Laserquest party

Geelong Coast Kids magazine is giving readers a chance to win the ultimate party for 12 people at LaserQuest Geelong. Round up your mates and...

Laser focus on fun

Thanks Timezone for 26 years of fun! Welcome to Laserquest - and with the same team and in the same location, you’ll still have...

Catching up on learning after Covid chaos

Many parents are worrying about their kids falling behind in their school work because of what may have been missed during Covid’s remote learning...

Can my baby hear properly?

Back in the day, mums and their newborns remained in hospital for at least a week but nowadays it’s more like two days and...

Cooking, preppy-style

There comes a time when every littlie wants to ‘cook something all by themselves’. It’s almost a rite of passage that parents either welcome as...

When teen anger is more than acting out

How do you cope if your teen becomes aggressive or even violent towards you? It is common to keep this kind of abuse behind closed...

Why mud pies should be on the menu

Give a child a pile of toys and a pile of mud and it’s not hard to guess which one they’ll go for first....

How to make a fairy garden

Many kids discovered the fun of growing things during lockdowns, with families kicking off veggie patches or doing fresh plantings to spruce up their...

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A time to learn about farm safety

Kids are being urged to get creative in the name of farm safety.