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Bell Park North Primary School can assist students to become resilient and effective team members who are able to integrate and deal with all situations.
The well-established Foundation to Grade 6 school services the Geelong suburb of Bell Park.
With a teaching and learning philosophy aligned to the specific needs of each student, Bell Park North uses multi-disciplinary approaches and preferred learning styles.
All staff are committed to maintaining best practices for teaching and learning to ensure the best possible learning outcomes are achieved.
School principal Anthea Lagadinos says the team at Bell Park North “strongly believe effective teaching and learning is essential to the ongoing development of all children in preparing them for their future”.
“We demonstrate our academic rigour and excellence which we instil in students by setting high expectations and delivering all learning experiences at a high standard,” Ms Lagadinos says.
“This encourages students to develop into self-disciplined, self-regulated, knowledgeable and independent learners.”
Bell Park North Primary School maintains a “whole school focus” on using digital technologies within the classroom to support children’s learning.
The school is particularly focused on continuing to improve in the areas of English and mathematics.
“In 2016 our NAPLAN results showed that the growth children had made between Grade 3 and Grade 5 in the areas of reading, writing and numeracy were above state means.”
Bell Park North is also proud to be a Kids Matter and Healthy Achievement School.
“We support the mental and physical health and wellbeing of every member of our school community.
“Our ongoing commitment to the Peer Support Program is a testament to this.
“We applaud the commitment and dedication of each and every member of our school community whose dedication, hard work and support make our school the successful learning environment it is today.”

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