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Child’s Play is a Geelong-based family-owned company that supports families with their childcare needs and encourages participation in events such as parent evenings, Father’s Day, coffee mornings and ‘mums and bubs’ exercise groups.
Being in early childhood and childcare, educators see the biggest growth and development from children and the Child’s Play family feels lucky to be part of the journey.
Child’s Play owner Ian Johnson says: “You become an extension of people’s family and support network. We hope to establish a family-community in Torquay”.
Beckk Cairns, the manager for Child’s Play’s new Torquay centre, is raring to meet the newest bunch of happy young faces when the site opens later this year.
“I can’t wait to be involved in the Torquay community. It’s lovely down there.”
Beckk, who currently works at Child’s Play’s Corio centre, says “the Torquay site is a beautiful purpose-built building, with big airy rooms and a large open yard, with lots of interesting activities to challenge the different needs of the children.”
The Lara local has worked in early childhood education for the past seven years, mostly in management, and loves her job, especially observing and being a part of a child’s development and growth.
“I enjoy being part of a child’s early years when I see them changing and learning everyday, she says.
“It’s the most interesting and rewarding time. I believe in providing high-quality care that encourages the best results and outcomes for the children.”
Child’s Play believes it is really important that educators understand the needs and wants of the children.
Every new child has a profile form that educators refer back to and throughout orientation (which takes as long as the parents and child need) and the educators get to know their parents.
“It’s not just a place where you drop off your kids,” Beckk says. “We get to understand the child and also their parents’ expectations.
“We want the families to feel like the service is an extension of their family, that their children are being left in a safe, happy environment in which they are loved and cared for.”
Beckk loves meeting older siblings of children she’s taught before. She often keeps in touch with families to see how her former children are progressing.
Beckk understands finding the right childcare can be quite daunting, especially for first-time mums. So she invites you to come have a look around the service.
“Drop in, have a coffee and meet and greet with other mums, you’re not alone, we will be having an open day in October, so come along and meet us”.

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