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Kit Gregory Sanderson couldn’t wait to be Epworth Geelong’s first new baby, arriving seven and a half weeks premature last month.
His Hamlyn Heights parents Sally and Ben Sanderson were surprised when their baby shower ended with Sally experiencing what she thought were Braxton Hicks contractions on Saturday.
But the first time parents welcomed their newborn into the world 5.14am the following day on 27 August.
“There were no hiccups or anything,” Sally says. “It was fantastic.”
Kit remains in the hospital’s special care nursery as his mum recovers.
“We feel like VIPs and he’s a celebrity here,” she says.
Obstetrician Karl Najjar, who delivered Kit, feels privileged to be a part of “Geelong history”.
“It was a great feeling to be involved in the safe arrival of the first ever baby at Epworth,” he says.
Doctor Najjar rushed to the hospital when he heard Kit was on the way at 32 weeks.
He remembers chucking his clothes on and driving from his Newtown home to the hospital in eight minutes after receiving the phone call.
“I needed to be there very quickly to ensure the patient and her baby were safe,” he says.
“I’m all call 24/7 for all my private patients.”
Nurse Unit Managers Gabby Ryan and Camille Gordon both came in for the birth.
Ms Ryan says that maternity bookings have far exceeded the hospital’s expectations and looks forward to welcoming many more babies in the near future.
“Our birthing suite has all the technology you would expect of a safe, modern unit.
“We provide wireless monitoring to enable mothers to move freely around the hospital prior to the birth and all rooms are equipped with a ‘point of care’ device for patient education and entertainment.
“These terminals also provide medical and nursing team with essential clinical information at the bedside.”

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