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Wool is a beautiful fabric to wear for babies, children and adults.

It’s breathable, soft on the skin and no longer gives an itchy feel like the jumpers grandma used to knit.

Quality and stylish woollen clothing can be hard to find, so three Victorian women with a real passion for wool have united to create a one-stop online shop.

The trio recently launched, which features a gorgeous range of woollen clothing labels sourced from around the world including Australia, New Zealand and Denmark.

Sally Jackson said she and her friends Michelle and Katja – whose husbands all work in the wool export business – wanted to establish an online store where people could easily find the woollen product they were after.

“We wanted to create a place where people could go ‘I just want a little bodysuit or singlet, or i just want to give someone a woollen present for a baby shower’,” Sally said.

“Good woollen clothing is not something that’s easy to find. My kids are 10 and 8 now – when they were younger it was very hard to find your basics and if you did they were ridiculously expensive.”

The women also want to teach consumers about the benefits of wearing wool and dispel myths around the fibre.

“We are very passionate about wool and promoting wool, particularly for babies,” Sally said.

“A real benefit of wool for babies is that it helps moderate their body temperature.

“It’s a breathable fibre and is really soft on their skin. It also lasts and doesn’t pollute the environment like other fibres.”

And wool isn’t only for winter.

“We also want to show people you can wear wool all year round . It does keep you cool over summer as it does breathe,” she said.

Another misconception is that woollen clothing is difficult to clean.

“Wool is in fact easy to care for, and doesn’t require time consuming and complicated care,” Sally said.

United By Wool features a wide range of woollen clothing from baby jumpsuits to scarves and ponchos for busy mums.

To stock up on stylish woollen clothing, head to

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