Online School Holiday Program

    Date :

    19/09/2020 12:00 am
    04/10/2020 12:00 am

    Address: home

    • Viking making, dragon taming and a myth-busting quiz.

      These are just some of the fun activities featured in the Geelong Regional Library’s Online School Holiday Program.

      With instructional videos and activity packs, the activities are easy to do from the comfort of your own home.


      Pom-pom creatures: Discover how to make your own pom-pom mythical creatures. For kids aged 5+. You’ll need some wool, PVA glue, scissors, googly eyes and pipe cleaners. For the instructions and how-to video, CLICK HERE

      Mythbusters quiz: A fun quiz where you can challenge family and friends, and test your own knowledge of myths, legends and fables. There’s a colouring sheet and word search to complete. For kids aged 5+. For the resources, CLICK HERE

      Tame your dragon: A fun activity were kids can make their own dragon and shield out of recycled materials. For ages 8+. For the activity pack, CLICK HERE

      Mythical mash-up:  Discover how to create a mythical hybrid beast by combining parts of real and imaginary animals. For kids aged 8+. For the instructional video and activity pack, CLICK HERE

      All things vikings: Get some recycled cardboard to make your own viking armour and then do the vikings quiz. For all ages. For the instructions and quiz, CLICK HERE

      Cultural connections: Enjoy tales of other places and cultures from Story Box Library. Using your favourite stories as inspiration, create your own keepsakes such as a cardboard car and paper plate mask. All ages. For the activity pack, CLICK HERE