Caring for kids’ teeth has never been easier

In January 2014 the Federal Government initiated the CDBS scheme for kids to access good oral health care.
It provides a great opportunity for children to maintain good oral health and get them into a routine of regular dental visits which is important in detecting early signs of tooth decay or other dental concerns.
Smile Care Dentists is proudly supporting the CDBS scheme and bulk bill eligible children under the scheme.
Child Dental Benefit Schedule (CDBS) at a glance
· Since January 2014, the Medicare Teen Dental plan has been replaced by the Medicare Child Dental Benefit Schedule.
· The CDBS scheme covers eligible children between ages two and 17. Benefits for basic dental services are capped at $1000 per child over two consecutive calendar years.
· Those who do not use all of their $1000 benefit in the first year of eligibility can use it in the second year if they are still eligible. Any remaining balance will not be carried forward at the end of the second year.
· The CDBS scheme covers a range of services including dental examinations, X-rays, teeth cleaning, fissure sealants, root canals and extractions.
· Benefits are not available for cosmetic dental or orthodontic work or any service provided at a hospital.
· To check eligibility, phone Medicare general enquiries line on 132 011 or (03) 5223 3255.
Caring and professional staff will ensure a child’s dental experience is fun and educational and will motivate them to look forward to their next visit.
There is also a general family dental service and payment plan for convenience.
Those who have private dental health insurance should remember to use them before they expire at the end of the year to maintain a great oral health.
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