Give children the best start in life

Of all the kids’ activities available these days, why should parents choose Gymbaroo?
Because we will help parents and their child to unlock their potential, be it academic, sporting or social, for their future success in life.
It is an all-round, holistic program which addresses all aspects of a child’s development.
During 45 minute weekly sessions that run during school terms, kids and their parents participate in a wide range of age appropriate activities that follow natural development and work on the child’s gross and fine motor skills.
Only through movement is a human brain able to grow.
Because 90 per cent of the brain develops in the first two years of a child’s life the best time to start is from birth and support them through pre-school years.
Through Gymbaroo activities it is possible to recognize and address a lot of the learning difficulties well before a child starts school.
From BabyROO to School Readiness, staff work on laying the foundations of children’s future intellectual, physical, social abilities and skills.
In more than 35 years the Gymbaroo program has earned the respect of not only thousands of Australian families but also maternal and childhood nurses, educators and health practitioners here and overseas.
Visit , contact staff by phone on 0416 224 530, like Gymbaroo on Facebook at “Gymbaroo Geelong” and book in for a free trial class.
The fees are a tiny investment for a huge return on a child’s future!