Are you making this dangerous mistake?

Parents are putting their babies at risk by incorrectly covering prams.

Covering a pram can be extremely dangerous, especially as temperatures soar.

Many parents cover their pram with a wrap, towel or blanket – which can have the same effect as a child or pet locked in a hot car.

Such coverings over the front of the pram can impair the flow of air into the pram, causing heat to build up. This can increase a baby’s risk of heatstroke and other health issues including SIDS.

Health authorities advise parents to only cover a pram with a light cloth that still allows the air to flow, and to ensure the air circulates around the baby by removing the back panel of the pram (if possible) or putting them in more open strollers.

The prevalence of covering prams in the summer heat recently prompted warnings form health authorities in Queensland, with parents told the practice could lead to temperatures rising by 15C.

After seeing parents cover their prams with blankets and towels, Sydney mum Emma Lovell developed CoziGo, a pram covering that is 100 per cent breathable with a sun protection of 50+.

“I’d often take bub for a walk along the coast and it’s a common sight to see parents covering their baby’s stroller with a blanket or towel thinking they’re keeping bub safe from the sun and blocking distractions,” she said.

“However, poor circulation of air combined with the wrap following the line of the stroller means baby can pull the wrap in causing a choking or suffocation hazard.”