The joys of summer camping

Camping is a great way to spend time together as a family. In fact, research has revealed the benefits of taking kids on camping trips – a holiday that also gives vital support to our regional areas.

With school about to finish for the year, it’s the perfect time to start planning some camping trips over summer. The benefits of camping are many – the recently released Real Richness report by the Caravan Industry Association of Australia revealed that 75% of campers feel close to their children, compared to 63% of non-campers. Additionally, 85% of campers felt close to their spouse, compared to 65% of non-campers. Lastly, 93% of campers believe it brings families closer together and 92% of campers believe that camping is fun for the whole family.

Camping – whether you invest in a caravan or tent – is also a holiday that won’t break the bank. There are stunning areas for camping around Australia – from places with all the luxuries to camping spots in places that are truly remote – for a fraction of the cost of other accomodation.

A camping trip is not only great for you, your family and the bank account; it also supports regional areas – many of which are suffering from the effects of droughts, fires and floods.

The Real Richness report found significant educational advantages to caravan and camping trips, with 97% of campers surveyed believing it allows children to learn about the environment. 94% agreed that camping trips enable children to engage socially and even 69% of non-campers believing camping teaches children important life skills.

So, get camping this summer – the perfect combination of learning, fun and quality time together as a family.