Unusual signs of pregnancy

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Some of the signs of early pregnancy are well known and fairly obvious, such as missed periods or swollen, tender breasts.

But what about some of the symptoms that you might not know about, or dismiss as something else?

Epworth Maternity midwife, Stacey Goad, says there can be some telltale signs that indicate you may be pregnant.

“Everyone’s body is different and even each pregnancy can be different. Some early pregnancy signs can mimic how you might feel just before you get your period,” Stacey explains.

These often include:


tender or swollen breasts


mood swings


“There’s also a number of less common symptoms, where you might not even realise are signs you’re expecting.”

These can include:

increased urination

excessive saliva

more than normal amount of vaginal discharge

feeling lightheaded

feeling warmer than normal


food/smell aversions

“It’s important to be kind to your body and your mind when you’re pregnant. You are growing new life and your body is doing a lot of work to make that happen,” says Stacey.

“You may not realise when you’re pregnant, your blood volume increases by an incredible 50 percent – you even grow a new organ: the placenta. This amazing organ is vital to your baby’s health and growth, delivering nutrients and oxygen to your baby, while also removing waste from your baby’s blood supply.”

You might feel your mood swings are more dramatic than usual. While hormones can cause mood swings and you may experience an emotional rollercoaster, they’re vital to sustaining your pregnancy.

If you suspect that you’re pregnant, the next step would be to take a home pregnancy test and visit your GP.