Supporting each child’s unique identities at Freshwater Creek

Freshwater Creek Steiner School is passionate about fostering each child's individual talents and interests. (Supplied)

Elle Cecil

Freshwater Creek Steiner School (FWCSS) was founded by a group of dedicated mums in the late 1980s. Since then, it has evolved into a primary school as well as a kinder and currently has 177 students between playgroups, the kindergarten and all the way to Year 6.

Set on 24 acres of farm and bushland in Freshwater Creek, the school has a partnership with the farm next door, allowing children to engage deeply in the farming and environmental care program.

Steiner Education is a growing international movement, with more than 1500 schools worldwide offering playgroups to Year 12. The curriculum is based on Dr Rudolf Steiner’s childhood development principles and is aimed at creating an environment and activities that allow each child to fully develop their unique physical, academic and emotional capacities and identities.

Steiner Education is a very different approach to mainstream schooling. The students develop strong relationships with the staff. They are supported to grow as individuals while developing the knowledge, skills and sensitivities they will need to grow into capable and confident teenagers.

Primary children have lesson units focused on world stories from different eras. These are supported by specialist subjects including Japanese, handcrafts, music (singing and instruments), painting, farming, gardening and lots more. All subjects are taught through the creative arts, with many hands-on activities, camps and incursions.

“FWCSS provides a creative education of the highest quality, supporting the children to develop clarity of thinking, sensitivity of feeling and strength of will,” says Head of School Gabby Brennan.

FWCSS is located at 52 McIntyres Road, Freshwater Creek.

For more information, contact, phone (03) 5264 5077 or visit