The benefits of year round swimming

Learning to swim is not only a sport, it is a valuable life skill. (Supplied)

Learning to swim is not only a sport, it is an education and valuable life skill that will be a basis for recreation, fitness and most importantly, survival. Once the learner is a strong and competent swimmer, they can decide whether to pursue swimming-related sports. Until they reach that point, it is our responsibility to ensure learning is continuous and progressive.

Children thrive on routine. If swimming lessons are regular and ongoing, they become familiar with the pool and instructors, and develop valuable skills. They will enjoy lessons so much that they will want to attend regularly year round.

Studies have shown that children who continue their lessons year round achieve better results than those who only attend intermittently. They are also fitter, stronger and better able to resist colds and flus over the winter months.

Geelong Aquatic Centre (GAC) provides the ideal winter fitness pursuit. Swimming in a warm, indoor pool, protecting children from the harsh elements they often encounter on a football field or netball court. Year round swimming is actually recommended for asthmatics, and many of our famous swimmers took up swimming as a treatment for their asthma. A warm hat, clothes and shoes are recommended to ensure that they are protected from the elements when they leave the centre.

Australia has a large coastline with wonderful beaches, many inland waterways, lakes, dams and an ever-increasing number of backyard spas and pools, which will always attract children, so it’s very important that children feel confident in and around water.

GAC is a dedicated Learn to Swim centre and is ideally set up to cater for school’s intensive swimming programs for the following reasons.

With two indoor 25m pools, a learner’s pool, changing facilities, trained and qualified staff, equipment for all levels and the ability to cater for children with special needs, GAC is the place to go to equip your child to be ready for the future.

Geelong Aquatic Centre is located at 3 Bridge Street, Newtown. For more information, phone (03) 5222 5530 or visit