Children reach their potential through play


One World for Children are strong believers that child ‘care’ goes beyond just safely minding your child – they aim to play a key role in their stimulation and development, providing a safe space where they can learn and grow while confidently being themselves.

For more than 26 years, One World for Children (OWFC) has built trusting relationships with families to deliver quality childcare services for children aged up to 12 in North Geelong.

Family grouping

The mixed-aged model (family grouping) structure provides opportunities for siblings to interact with each other, therefore enhancing assurance within children to become confident learners.

A family grouping environment provides access to peer support and the opportunity to develop more sophisticated social skills.

Children are involved in planning daily activities where they assist in the setup of their play environment.

This also encourages independence in accessing play materials and offers choices wherever possible promoting a play-based curriculum.

The family grouping structure provides many opportunities for educators to support children’s learning.

Mixed ages and stages of children allow for more time to truly meet the individual needs of all children.

Children in a family grouped environment are viewed as unique individuals and are more likely to cooperate rather than compete, as the pressure to compete with many children at the same age or stage can be difficult for some children.

Multi-aged grouping offers peer support with the opportunity to share skills and build confidence.


The government-funded 3-year-old kindergarten program empowers children to unleash their imaginations and grow essential skills, such as socialisation and problem-solving through play-based learning.

OWFC encourages curiosity and creativity to build confidence, while learning in a supportive group setting that is – most importantly – fun!

Developed and delivered by a qualified kindergarten teacher, your child’s educational journey starts in a supportive and engaging environment that sets a positive base for the transition to their pre-school year and beyond.

As children continue to develop their own personality and identity, OWFC’s commitment is to nurture young minds to flourish socially and emotionally in their own way.

The government-funded 4-year-old kindergarten focuses on strengthening your child’s development in key skill areas to best prepare them for school. Communication, collaboration, problem-solving, as well as pre-maths and language, are at the core of the program.

OWFC encourages children to pursue their interests under the guidance of qualified kindergarten teachers that provide a safe, fun environment for all.


In a purpose-built North Geelong facility, OWFC provides the foundations to a happy and healthy childhood that gives parents peace of mind that their child is in the best hands possible, outside of their own.

The design of the natural indoor and outdoor environments at One World for Children has been specially thought out and measured.

The family grouping outdoor space features ‘Goorialla’ the rainbow serpent on the fence.

This dreamtime story board feature reminds children and educators of this Aboriginal Dreamtime story of when the rainbow serpent came from beneath the ground to create huge ridges, mountains and gorges as it pushed upwards.

Children participate in a variety of rich, meaningful, inquiry-based experiences. The outdoor environment, which shares equal importance as the indoor, recognises the importance of an open-ended, large, natural playspace.

Both family grouping and kindergarten outdoor areas provide many opportunities for exploration, developing skills as well as independent exploration.

These outdoor yards consist of natural play spaces, combining a dry water creek with water pump, moveable rocks and branches, a vegetable garden, interesting water play areas, a digging patch, an outdoor mud kitchen, musical stations, and climbing frames made from natural logs.

OWFC minimises the use of plastic equipment and resources and embraces a sustainability code of practice.

This enables children to develop a sense of responsibility in caring for the environment and respecting a beautiful natural play environment.

Children assist with maintaining a natural play environment by actively assisting in its upkeep by watering and tending to the garden, sweeping paths and replacing rocks after playing with them.

The school-aged children have a ‘loose parts yard’ with many moveable pieces so the area can provide school age children with the appropriate level of challenge.

The loose parts yard is utilised to promote complex school-aged play, which encompasses leisure and relaxation.

One World For Children believes the beautiful journey of childhood deserves a higher level of care and commitment to nurture and inspire the next generation: a place to grow and thrive.

Contact OWFC via or 1800 006 533 to secure a nurturing and inspiring environment for your child’s journey.