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An eye test may be the most important exam your child has.

Will your child’s eye exam be the most important exam they have this year?

It’s well known that 80% of what your child learns is through their vision. It’s a key tool required to read, to learn and to comprehend.

Principal optometrist at Kiddies Eye Care Nicky Kiparissis says 20/20 vision, however, isn’t everything.

“Bottom line vision doesn’t equate to just good sight. It demands both visual acuity as well as coordination between the two eyes to see the world,” she explains.

“As many as one in four children have an undiagnosed vision problem. If left untreated, these can manifest as learning difficulties, developmental delays and can affect your child’s ability to thrive at school and reach their full potential.”

As a mother of three children, Nicky understands the real concerns of parents. Her passion arose one Thursday afternoon, over twenty-five years ago in Corio.

“I was asked to assess a six-year-old boy who did not fit into any school due to his behaviour. His grandmother needed someone to listen to her concerns. She needed someone to help. This child had excellent vision and I could have dismissed the grandmother’s concerns.”

“With the grandmother’s attitude of ‘do something’ rather than ‘do nothing’, we prescribed learning/focusing glasses.

“This child blossomed. He became an A+ student and never looked back. I am forever indebted to this caring nan, who opened my eyes and mind and allowed to me see him as a whole person and not just a pair of eyes. This story still gives me goosebumps today.”

These cases, unfortunately, are not rare. Since opening Kiddies Eye Care in 2014, the team have seen a number of children who are unable to excel at school, who are averse to reading, get headaches or are frustrated doing work.

“A holistic eye examination with one of our experienced behavioural optometrists can detect even the less obvious symptoms but at times, life-altering ocular issues,” Nicky says.

“Having one of Victoria’s biggest child frame ranges makes this task even more fun.

“We are all really proud of the range that we have. There’s so much colour on our shelves and fun options to choose from, all of our big mummy and daddy patients wish they had the same choices too!

“No child leaves the practice without finding a pair of glasses that they love. They are always so excited to get their glasses back.

“No child is too young to get their eyes tested, and it very well could be the most important exam they ever have. It just might change their perspective and outlook on life.”

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