Skirmish for the ages

Next Level Skirmish has game modes to suit every age.

Hands up whose kids probably spend too much time on video games? What if something akin to a video game was able to be safely acted out in real life, an immersive experience with the thrill and tactics and flat out fun of the hunt? And gives a good dose of endorphins and healthy romping about – for anyone aged six to 96?

This kids’ – and big kids’ – paradise is better known as Next Level Skirmish in North Geelong.

Aptly described as paintball without the bruises and mess, Laser Skirmish has guns that fire beams of harmless infra-red light, using top-of-the-line SATR tech and instant hit-feedback.

Owner Amanda Bennetts says they have game modes to suit every age.

“Varying game modes give tactical players and kamikazes plenty to challenge them, but little kids have games tailored to their age,” he says.

“Our unique sport is also a powerful training tool. It incorporates fine motor skills, strength, tactical thinking, bravery, teamwork and, most importantly, heaps of fun.”

Nicki, a local mum of two, decided to book her seven-year-old’s birthday party at Next Level Skirmish. Here’s how she summed it up:

“Despite there being what felt like 100 kids at the theme park, everything went smoothly. Staff were attentive – great with the kids, big and small. The kids had an amazing time, and I was truly relaxed and enjoy myself.

“I even jumped in and had a go. Next time I’ll be playing for sure.

“Geelong is an amazing city to live in and we have amazing venues like this right on our doorstep!”

All sessions are fun by a fun-loving team, trained to give everyone the best experience. Games and sessions run daytime and night.

WORTH NOTING: There’s also a free obstacle course included with party bookings.

Next Level Skirmish, 15 Douro Street (600 metres from train), North Geelong. Enquiries: 1300 318 967; sms 0401 290 560; or visit