Geelong teen stars on TV show

Geelong girl Trinity Marell is carving out a career in acting.

By Melissa Grant

It’s no secret the world of acting can be tough, but at 14 years of age Trinity Marell is already achieving great things.

The Geelong girl features in series two of Australian drama Counter Play, which will soon premiere on the Nine Network.

It’s an exciting time for the Bellarine Secondary School student, who plays a lead role in a feature film called The Target which has just been released on DVD.

The child actor and model has also featured in films The Locker Room, In Progress and The Stare.

On top of that, she has starred in 13 local productions over the past five years.

In Counter Play Trinity plays the role of Dillon, a sassy local teen that may cause some drama.

Trinity appears in various scenes over five episodes, and will also feature in the third season of the drama set in the fictional city of South Point where three wealthy families battle to hide their secrets.

Trinity said being part of the show had been an amazing experience, particularly working alongside director Chrys Phillips.

“I have got more confident and I’ve learned a lot more stuff – even just learning how to read lines different,” she said.

“It’s actually a lot more fun than I thought it would be. They are long days but it’s been fun on set.”

It was actually her forced exit from a gymnastics class that put Trinity on the path to acting.

“I had to quit gymnastics in Year 2 because I had a lazy eye and I couldn’t really do anything,” Trinity explained.

“I always wanted to do singing and the singing teacher suggested I audition for a local production.”

Trinity’s first production was Oliver in 2013, with the aspiring actor playing a role in the children’s ensemble.

She again starred in Oliver last year but was cast in a lead role.

Her foray into film acting began when Trinity joined Grace Studios, a renowned Geelong acting school.

It was through Grace Studios that Trinity was offered her first minor role.

Since then, Trinity and her mother Sammy have been madly networking to find suitable roles.

Trinity actually landed a part on Counter Play after Sammy enquired about an extra role for a boy.

“Mum asked if they would be interested in casting me – they said yes and while filming the director spoke to me as well and offered me the role of Dillon,” Trinity recalled.

“I was so excited because I wasn’t expecting it anything.”

Trinity took a lot of time off school last year to film Counter Play. However, she completed her school work by correspondence and achieved an academic award.

Sammy said her daughter had a strong work ethic, which was helping her crack the acting industry.

“The industry is tough which we’ve found out the last couple of years – Trinity has worked really hard to get to where she is.”

Trinity encouraged other children interested in acting to put in the hard yards but enjoy the journey.

“If you want to do it – get out there, take every role you can and just have fun,” she said.

You can follow Trinity on Instagram at trinityms_official