The 101 guide to everything you need to know about teens

There’s now a 101 guide to everything you know about teens.

The informative book discusses the type of drugs teens take, what they’re up to online, their sexual activities and more.

The book is the brainchild of Parent Guides, known for its factual titles Drugs 101, Social Media 101, Sex 101, Mental Health 101 and Respect 101.

The not-for-profit organisation has combined them to produce a compendium, Teens 101.

No holds are barred, and no topic is shirked in the 180-page reference book.

Teens 101 draws upon the latest research, expert advice, and practical resources to help parents and carers navigate the teen years and start important conversations.

It’s a timely publication given parenting teenagers has recently become more challenging due to COVID-19.

Teen issues such as anxiety, experimentation, peer pressure and cyber bullying, have in many cases been compounded by the global pandemic and resulting social isolation.

“We tell it how it is,” says founder and Melbourne media identity Eileen Berry.

“We inform parents and carers about what drugs their kids might take, what they are doing online, how likely they are to be having sex and, most importantly, how to discuss all this rationally with them.

“Teens 101 covers all the bases and will be a valuable resource for parents, carers, schools, universities and other organisations that support families. Our goal is to spark meaningful conversations between parents, carers and their young people.”