Boy driven to design cars gets a wild ride

Jake Field with the Mustang that his family was loaned from Ford.

Melissa Grant

When 10-year-old Jake Field sent a letter and a Mustang design he created to Ford, he was hopeful of

getting a response.

Not in his wildest dreams did he anticipate a Ford Mustang would end up in his family’s driveway.

“I’d almost given up hearing back from anyone then I got a parcel in the mailbox,” he said.

“I was so excited just to get a letter … then I read the letter asking if I wanted to have a loan of a Mustang and reading that blew my mind! I couldn’t stop talking about it – I was so excited.”

The parcel also contained a Ford Mustang cap and licence plate.

Mustang-mad Jake had written the letter to Max Wolff, Design Director for Ford International Markets Group and China.

Jake shared a design he created for a new Mustang.

His Mustang was a convertible with a supercharged V8 engine, titanium alloy frame, custom 20 inch chrome rims and a built-in iPad.

“I love cars especially the mustang (my ultimate dream car) and would love to get into car designs when I’m older. I would like to share with you my mustang design I created,” Jake wrote.

Max replied, offering Jake the opportunity to meet with Ford’s Product Development team in Australia once he was old enough to apply for the Ford Australia Graduate Program.

“You’re a little too young to join our 2021 Graduate Program, but we’d love for you to apply for perhaps the 2035 intake of our Ford Australia Product Development stream,” Mr Wolff wrote.

“Please get back in touch once you’re old enough and we will set up a meeting with our Product Development team.”

Jake said the loan of the Mustang was “awesome”.

Jake’s mum Kristine, dad Chris and little brother Harry were also thrilled.

“We had the Mustang for a week, which was so much longer than we thought and we were sad to give it

back,” he said.

Jake says his dream job is to design cars – for Ford.

“I’d love to work in the car design industry and would like to apply for the Ford graduate program,” he said