Entertainment hits targets at Next Level Skirmish

Get outside, have some fun and work on your communication and team building skills at Next Level Skirmish.

It’s time to break out and have some real laugh out loud fun while running around a battlefield shooting lasers.

Laser Skirmish is like paintball without the mess and bruises – a super fun sport that gets you working autonomously and as a team member. When you play, you improve your communication skills. It’s a team building experience, helping you to hone your leadership and strategy building abilities. It also involves constant communication amongst players while devising a watertight strategy to attack opponents.

Next Level Skirmish allows your mind to think and plan strategies which can outwit your opponents. It’s this use of full body and mind that makes it feel so rewarding.

Suitable for ages 6 to 96, if you can walk and hold a gun, you can fight in the laser war that is raging in the industrial estate of Geelong North. It is one of the only activities around where kids, grandparents and parents alike can play and have a great time.

You don’t have to take it too seriously – you can always just run around shooting people, screaming, laughing, getting shot, having epic death scenes and heroic comebacks from the dead! Channel your inner spy and set yourself up behind a barrel, shooting everyone as they run past with your sniper, not once breaking a sweat. Whatever you choose to do it is bound to be a good time!

“It’s the best stress relief I have ever had,” says Joanne, a Belmont mum of three boys under 12.

“We are coming back next week!”

Don’t miss out on an adventure likely to be one of the best experiences you have this summer. Book online and play the best sport in the world! Bring your friends – the more players the more kills!

Next Level Skirmish is located at 15 Douro Street, North Geelong. For more information, phone 1300 318 967 or visit www.NextLevelSkirmish.com.au