New Bluey episodes are coming soon

Aussie families rejoice – a new series of Bluey is on the way.

The highly anticipated third series of Bluey premieres on Monday 22 November at 8am on ABC Kids and ABC iview. For real life!

Bluey, mum Chilli, dad Bandit, and little sister Bingo are back with more endearing and elaborate games and adventures that are set to take Australian families by storm.

Bluey takes the everyday events of family life, like racing in the back yard, cooking breakfast for Dad, and a visit from Grandad, and turns them into unique gameplay, creating idiosyncratic adventures out of everyday moments.

The series also features some new voices you may recognise. Myf Warhurst, Megan Washington, Leigh Sales, Sam Simmons, Sean Choolburra, and singer/songwriter Darren Hanlon, lend their voices to characters during the third series. Wackadoo!

Bluey Series 3 airs daily at 8am and 6.20pm from Monday 22 November on ABC Kids and ABC iview.