Dig in!

Building a sandpit is almost a parental rite of passage and can bring back long-buried childhood memories

Sandpits give kids a chance to play with others, learn to get lost in the moment and connect with nature and the earth.

Cognitive development and imagination benefits aside, here are a few tips from Richgro to get the most from your sandpit.


Choose a spot in your yard that gets sunlight throughout the day, as rainfall will keep your sand damp without sun exposure.

Building under a tree that drops its leaves will lead to extra maintenance.


Building a border around the sandpit will allow spill-over sand to discreetly fall into mulch as opposed to disturbing your green grass.

Use a small clam-shell pool for the flexibility to move the sandpit, or a simple wooden DIY border would also do the job.


It’s important to get washed and soft sand for sandpits, selected from a clean, weed-free environment.


The past summer was particularly good for plant growth – including weeds – thanks to La Nina’s wet weather patterns.

Sand can help keep weeds at bay during summer and even improve soil conditions for some types of plants.

During winter, a sandpit can provide endless hours of entertainment if positioned undercover or in a sunny spot in a container.


If you are using the sand to create a natural pit in your garden, make sure there is plenty of drainage.

Choose an area that isn’t too damp underneath or could be affected by heavy rainfall.