Letting nature guide you

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By Melissa Meehan

When Charlotte Rasmussen came to Australia, she found it difficult to find natural, organic skincare products and remedies similar to those she had used in her upbringing in Scandinavia.

When her daughter was young, she suffered from eczema and was not keen on putting strong chemicals on her face – so the single mum of three from Ocean Grove made her own.

Once the other parents at mums group saw what her natural oils could achieve they asked her to make them some, and then more and more products.

And her business was born. Almost by accident.

Charlotte launched From Earth, a business that became an organic reality as others were looking for the same natural remedies.

Her aim is to re-educate others about skincare and haircare, and shed more light on natural remedies.

That was almost seven years ago.

From humble beginnings in her kitchen in 2017, to having her own store in Torquay,(which sadly closed during the pandemic) her now successful business ships products across Australia and overseas.

From Earth is her first book.

It came about after chatting with some people at a trades show.

“I wasn’t planning on becoming an author but I was telling people how easy and simple it is to make your own products,” she told Kids Today.

“Someone said you should write a book, and because English isn’t my first language I wasn’t so sure – but I strongly believe that this is stuff people should know.

‘It’s like cooking in the kitchen, once you know what ingredients are good for you can make a delicious meal.”

In the new book, From Earth: Create Your Own Natural Apothecary Charlotte has written an accessible and practical guide to home apothecary.

Whether you need moisturiser for dry skin or a decongestant for your child, discover the natural benefits and properties found in various roots, flowers, herbs found all over the globe to make your own soaps, skincare, fragrances and shampoos without nasty chemicals or parabens.

Charlotte said that there is a trend to move away from chemicals towards natural health, especially parents buying for their babies.

“I’d love it to become basic knowledge for people to know,” she said.

“It’s much easier than people think.”